We are happy to introduce some of our most creative projects.
Let yourself be inspired, we still have room for your project.

Storage within the pocket (shirt)

Classic logo hoodies and playful pocket shirts for the successful Viennese startup Storebox.

Modular Festival

Due to the "Corona cancellation", the festival in Augsburg has considered a THANK YOU BOX. Socks from our production are also included

Band Merch

For fans of Naked Cameo we produced very minimalistic t-shirts with high-quality screen printing.

Earth Season

We were allowed to produce the first collection for the young label "Earth Season"


"Special shirts for special people" is the slogan of Zwerkstatt. A very special shirt, socks, masks and even boxer shorts come from our production, which makes us very happy.

That´s all they need

Creative Beanies, Tank-Tops and different Pocket Shirts for the best organic-tea-drink.

Greetech Festival

For Nico Rosberg's "Green Tech Festival" we were allowed to contribute the appropriate sustainable merch


Creative shirts for the creative team at Sintwerk.

Limitless Clothing

We produced hoodies with a very special cut and functional t-shirts for this sports-label

Hoodies, sweaters and shirts with style

The Hokify team opted for simple hoodies and sweaters and shirts with pockets in their company color.


For Sunnybag we have realized an extraordinary design as sublimation printing on a pocket.

Never lose your pet again

The shirts for Tractive are hard to beat when it comes to creativity. Dog-house pocket and their own label make this textile unique.

Ducks everywhere

For the beautiful small music-festival which is happening in tyrol, we produced shirts and socks with their cute mascot the duck.


The requirement was clear: something extraordinary. A soft cotton shirt with stretch and eye-catching screen printing.

Sustainable shirts for the bot experts

For TheVentury we designed hoodies and shirts made of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

High Quality Festival Merchandise

For the well-established festival in Neußling we produce t-shirts, hoodies and caps every year.

Textiles for a TOP performance

In addition to the classic team shirts we developed a special sports gymbag for Runtastic.

JKU Linz

We have equipped the University of Linz with a new merch line. T-shirts, sweaters, socks, masks and much more.

Biohof Achleitner

Green merch with their bio box as a pocket. That fits perfectly for the organic company in Upper Austria


The ultimate sun shirts for our favorite ice tea from Graz. Yellow with full sun print and pocket.

Fashion Brand

For our in-house fashion label Vresh we produce sustainable basic textiles for environmentally conscious women and men.

Best Textiles for the best guitar learning app.

We made Hoodies and Shirts with golden details and customized cuts for Fretello.

New Hoodies for the employees of Sonnentor

The hoodies from Sonnentor were finished with their individual hood inside print, yellow ribbons, embroidery and their personal Label.

Brought to the epunkt

The recruiting expert epunkt is always on the lookout for perfect fit in the IT, digital, finance, sales and engineering sectors - it's clear that they choose us for individual team shirts.

creative branding

We were happy to assist the waste disposal company Nemetz in designing its own merch collection of gym bags, hoodies, socks, caps and beanies

Merch for one of the biggest YouTube channels in Germany

We help the Munich YouTube channel and animation studio "Kurzgesagt" in sourcing the right production partners for their merchandising line


We were happy to help the outdoor label KRXLN with the production of lyocell shirts, jeans and tank tops


Merchandise collection for apprentices including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and sweats. Highlight of this collection are the hoodie strings, which are recycled ropes from the Teufelberger production.