For the individual textiles at our productions in Portugal and Poland we need 8 – 10 weeks because your textiles go through many different production steps. If you have a tight schedule for your merch, please contact us directly via mail.

If you create a design in our configurator, you will receive the prices directly adapted to your design. If you prefer to contact us personally, we will be happy to create an individual offer for you. The prices can vary due to the different finishing techniques and quantities. The minimum order quantity is 50 piecer for standard products (for socks it´s 300 pairs).

  • Sustainability stands at the core of our business philosophy. We do our best in harming nature as little as possible while securing the long-term income for the people we work with.
  • We know all our production partners personally and visit them several times a year. These are all small and medium sized family businesses in the EU.
  • We use almost exclusively recycled or organic materials in our productions.

We currently offer primarily screen printing and embroidery (up from 50 pc.), as these are the finishes with the highest quality and are the most long lasting. We offer different printing methods upon request.

  • If you want to go one step further in branding, then patches or labels are just the thing for you. We can even print and sew branded washing instructions if you want.
  • For patches we use different finishes – just get in touch with your specific request.
  • Labels are woven and therefore we need a minimum order or 1.000 pieces. This costs about € 200 and we will gladly store the unused labels for you in our production until the next order.

Our favorites are:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester blend
  • 65% organic cotton and 35% recycled polyester blend
  • 70% Lycoell (wood fiber) and 30% cotton

We are happy to work with other fabrics like Tencel, Modal or Bamboo fabric if you order at least 500 pieces.

  • We produce our textiles exclusively at our production partners in Portugal and Poland.
  • The process for e.g. a T-Shirt starts at our fabric producer. There, fabric out of yarn is created in desired quality.
  • After that, a sample of the fabric is washed to be able to include the shrinkage when creating the cutting plan.
  • The cutted pieces are then delivered to the printing facility, where they get their prints or embroideries.
  • After that, the product gets in the final shape in our sewing company where the separate pieces are sewn by hand.
  • Finished products are industrially washed to prevent shrinkage.
  • Finally, the washed textile is ironed and packed and ready for delivery.

Our speciality are all kinds of shirts, tops, hoodies, sweaters and bags, because we produce them in our own production facilities in Portugal. Upon request we also offer other products that we buy from selected partners (with GOTS-certificate).

  • In order to perfectly produce your textiles, we need your motifs/logos as vector files. We will gladly support you in determining the ideal size and suggest the exact printing position.
  •  For screen printing, we also need the color codes as Pantone C. 
  • If you want to have the fabric completely in your personal color, we need the Pantone TCX code.

What is Pantone?
Pantone Matching System is the name of an internationally used color system, which is mainly used in the graphic and printing industry.

If you would like to test our textiles, we will be happy to send you a few samples (a small fee may apply, please contact us for more information).

In our Configurator you can design your own textiles. In the Design Creator you can get some inspirations for different design ideas. If you send us an inquiry in the configurator, our team gehts a notification and we will get in touch with you asap. Please notice, that you do not place an order when you send an inquiry via the configurator. 

Before we will start with the production of your merch, you will receive an order sheet from us with all the details of your order. Here you have the possibility to check your order again and, if necessary, to adjust it.

If you only have a rough idea of how your merch should look like but you don´t have a graphic designer available, just send us an email. We will be happy to create a first draft for you free of charge. Extensive design work can also be done for a fee.

Sustainably Produced

We produce fair and sustainable. A promise for the environment.


Since we do not things half-heartedly, we guarantee the best quality.

Individually Customizable

Design your merch from scratch, just the way you like.

Fair in Europe

All of our merch is produced in the EU under fair conditions.

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