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When Chris Müller – Managing Director of the Tobacco Factory Linz – contacted us in 2017 and talked to us about a possible move to Linz, we somehow weren’t ready yet. We liked the idea, but how could we afford it at that time?

We pushed our business forward and grew from month to month. At the beginning of 2018 we were informed that the tobacco factory officially wanted to settle a company from the textile sector, and it was clear to us what we had to do. Supposedly there are more than 200 companies waiting for a place there and we knew that this was the last time we would get this chance. After 12 years in Eferding – Klaus’ brother Peter started there in 2006 with a skate shop, which Klaus later took over – it was time for a change of scenery anyway.

Together with the architect duo Claus & Gregor ( we started the project “Vresh & DasMerch. Space” project in the tobacco factory. We chose these two architects because it was important to us not only to have a beautiful interior design, but also to represent our story and our brands accordingly. From the very first presentation, we knew why we brought these two architects on board. They told us about an exhibition in Vorarlberg where they worked with used greenhouse tables. This element embodies the closeness to nature and the idea of growth, quasi the birthplace of ideas and further projects.

After a few meetings we agreed on the concrete appearance of the area. Of course, many details were still missing, but we had enough of the concept to get started on the procurement of materials. Since we wanted to keep our CO2 emissions as low as possible, we tried to buy everything possible used. Via Willhaben we then came across a nursery in Lower Austria, which closed due to retirement. So, we drove there, chose the greenhouse tables and the gardener cut his tables with the Flex, which were just in operation, apart. Some of these tables have been around for over 30 years, so it took some fine-tuning to make them look as they do now in our store.

We invested over a year of planning and procurement in our new Space and we are simply proud and happy with what has come of it. Whether you are interested in our products or if you are interested in sustainability, you should definitely come and visit us.

A sustainable office through preowned furniture and equipment

– 6 greenhouse tables used as presentation table, office table and decorative element
– Storage racks for our Vresh I DasMerch. warehouse – cut-off storage racks now function as Office furniture
– Storage shelves as the basic framework for our kitchen
– leather couch, armchair and table from the 70s years
– Screen printing carousel with accessories
– Printers
– Television
– Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee machine, steam cooker)
– Plants & Deco materials

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